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12.0.6 TopViewNtuples and AOD's at NIKHEFADC Operation NLAFS
AMAAthena 14 1 0AMA D3PDAMA in Athena 14 1 0
AMA on Stoomboot 14 2 22APVAccess to data at NIKHEF tier
AlgorithmExampleAnalysing CSC Ntuples From AOD 11Aod ntuple
AthWS 1 toolExAthena workshop
AtlasTopPhysicsSamplesAtlas 1002 setupAtlas 904 setup
Atlas Physics Seminars (NIKHEF)BachelorProjecten2011BachelorProjecten2012
BachelorProjecten2013Bachelor 2007-2008: Deeltjesfysica 1Bachelor student Projects
BibliographyBooking NIKHEF bikes a CERNBooking NIKHEF bikes at CERN
CMT and Athena at NIKHEFCSC Ntuple productionCSC PhysicsSamples
CalibSegmentNtupleRecipeA 1050CalibSegmentNtupleRecipeA 1100CalibSegmentNtupleRecipeB 1100
Chapter IChapter IIChapter III
Chapter IVChapter VChapter VI
Combined Reconstruction RecipesCommonNtupleDQ2Client quick usage
Detachment at CERNEvent display tutorialFinalExercise
FullChain on the gridGanga/AMA tutorial September 2008Ganga basic usage
Ganga with AMAAthenaGenerating AtlFast SUSY EventsGenerating Higgs Events on the grid
Generating Higgs To 4 Muons at NIKHEFGenerating events (standalone)Generating events intro
GoodRunsList in AMAHSG2HWW Analysis
HiggsWidthProjectIntroductionJournalclub papers
Localgroupdisk nikhefLocation Ntuples and AOD's at NIKHEFLocation Ntuples and AOD at NIKHEF
Location datasampleMCatNLO Step 1MCatNLO Step 2
MCatNLO Step 3MCatNLO howtoMSUGRA scan
Main PageMappingmSUGRAMaster student Projects
MuonCalib NtupleContentMuonCalib NtupleContent hereMuonCalib Tutorial
MuonRay analysis softwareMuon DetectorNIKHEF-ELPROD LOCALGROUPDISK
NIKHEF PAT workshop Oct2006NIKHEF PAT workshop Oct2006 pre-TutorialNIKHEF Rome MCatNLO Samples
NIKHEF user analysis tutorial 2010NL Cloud Monitor InstructionsNewValidationPage
NikhefLecturesNikhef ATLAS papersNikhef Higgs InformalDiscussion
Nikhef PC's at CERNNtuple analysis skeletonOrganisation etc.
PackageExamplePhysicsProducing CSC Ntuples From AOD 11
Producing Woutuple from AODPropertiesExampleRasnik Image Analysis
Reconstruction1120Renew Grid CertificateRunning std aod examples
Running ttbar packageSCT DQshiftSavannahValidation
Setting up 1207
Setting up 13.0.30 at NikhefSoftwareStan Bentvelsen
StoombootStructNtuple makingTVModularAnalysis
TestPageThesis page ATLAS NikhefToolExample
Tools to scan the mSUGRA phasespaceTopAnalysis2010TopAnalysis2010/TopAnalysisNtuples
TravelToCERNTtbar analysis skeletonTwin Tubes
UpgradeUsing Athena at NikhefUsing DQ2 at NIKHEF
Using GANGA with AMAAthenaUsing RFIO or DCAP to access files on Nikhef Grid disksUsing atlas nl group membership
Using ganga at NIKHEFUvA 20082009 DeeltjesFysica1UvA BKOPortfolio IvovanVulpen
UvA Workshop Blackholes January2009VideoConferenceToCERNHowtoVideo Conference To CERN Howto
WorldwideTriggerWouter aod exampleWoutersToDoList
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