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ATLAS ITk project at Nikhef

Author: Andrea García Alonso

ATLAS ITk logo.png End-cap C in the Nikhef cleanroom 2-10-23.jpg

The inner detector of the present ATLAS experiment has been designed and developed to function in the environment of the present Large Hadron Collider (LHC). At the ATLAS Phase-II Upgrade, the particle densities and radiation levels will exceed current levels by a factor of ten. The instantaneous luminosity is expected to reach unprecedented values, resulting in up to 200 proton-proton interactions in a typical bunch crossing. The new detectors must be faster and they need to be more highly segmented. The sensors used also need to be far more resistant to radiation, and they require much greater power delivery to the front-end systems. At the same time, they cannot introduce excess material which could undermine tracking performance. For those reasons, the inner tracker of the ATLAS detector was redesigned and will be rebuilt completely.

The ATLAS Upgrade Inner Tracker (ITk) consists of several layers of silicon particle detectors. The innermost layers will be composed of silicon pixel sensors, and the outer layers will consist of silicon microstrip sensors. Nikhef work focuses on the strip region of the ITk. The central part of the strip tracker (barrel) will be composed of rectangular short (~ 2.5 cm) and long (~5 cm) strip sensors. The forward regions of the strip tracker (End-Caps) consist of six disks per side, with trapezoidal shaped sensors of various lengths and strip pitches. At Nikhef, we are producing the two End-caps of the ITk Strip detector.

End-cap construction and petal installation at Nikhef

ITk Endcap at Nikhef

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