CMT and Athena at NIKHEF

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When running Atlas software at NIKHEF a special set of environment settings are required. On this page we will go through the basic steps required to get the CMT and Athena environment correctly set-up for a the specific release 9.0.4 on a RedHat-7.3 machine.

Commands are listed in red
File-names and lines to add/remove are listed in blue

1. Setting up the 9.0.4 environment

a) Log onto a RedHat 7.3 machine
You can check the operating system on your maching by typing cat /etc/issue. At NIKHEF njord is such a machine for example.
b) Create a user account on the project disk (only once)
cd /project/atlas/users
mkdir <your_login_name>
cd <your_login_name>
c) Set up the environment for the 9.0.4 release (each new shell)
To set up all environment variables related to the 9.0.4 release source the following file
source /project/atlas/nikhef/setup/nikhef_setup_9.0.4.csh
For each new shell these variables need to be defined so the best thing is to put this line in your .cshrc file located in your home directory.
d) check you have everything correctly set-up
-> check you have the correct version of CMT
You should find: /data/atlas/offline/9.0.4/CMT/v1r16p20040901
-> check you have the correct version of the release
You should find: /data/atlas/offline/9.0.4

2. Checking out and compiling the TestRelease Package

a) Check out the TestRelease package
We will get the TestRelease package from the CVS server at CERN. To access CVS, we need to have a valid kerberos token at CERN:
klog <your_AFS_login_name>
Then check out the TestRelease package using CMT
cmt co TestRelease
b) Configure the TestRelease package
The TestRelease package gives us acces to the main ATLAS program Athena. Before compiling it, we first need to configure it to our needs. Go to the cmt directory of this package:
cd TestRelease/TestRelease-00-00-18/cmt/
You will need to make the following changed to the requirements file:
use AtlasRelease AtlasRelease-* to
#use AtlasRelease AtlasRelease-*
In the section starting with the line
# Setup the run-time environment
add the following lines:
use AthenaRunTime AthenaRunTime-00-* Control
use AthExHelloWorld AthExHelloWorld-00-* Control/AthenaExamples
use Pythia_i Pythia_i-00-* Generators
use Herwig_i Herwig_i-00-01-* Generators
use Atlfast Atlfast-01-* Simulation
use TruthExamples TruthExamples-00-* Generators/GenAnalysisTools
c) compiling the TestRelease package
We are now going to compile the TestRelease package. In the cmt directory type:
cmt config
source setup.csh
You are ready for a real analysis
Note: This is typically done for each package you check out and normally you will now go to the run directory of this package (same depth as the cmt directory), define your joboption file and run athena.