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NIKHEF Atlas Wiki pages

These are the Nikhef WiKi pages. They contain information specific for the Atlas group at Nikhef.

Documentation: Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

TestPage: If you want to try out the WiKi system, navigate to the TestPage and change whatever you want on that page.

ATLAS main projects:

Technical info:

  • ATLAS Agenda (extern)
  • ATLAS pages at NIKHEF (extern)
  • ATLAS theses
  • Nikhef ATLAS papers
  • Projects for Master students
  • Projects for Bachelor students
  • Help for CERN technicalities:

  • Booking NIKHEF bikes at CERN
  • Nikhef PC's at CERN
  • Video Conference To CERN Howto
  • Detachment at CERN
  • Events:

  • Postdoc Jamborees