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This pages gives an overview of the theses produced in the Nikhef ATLAS group.

How to add a new document to this list:

  1. Copy the pdf file to /www/pub/experiments/atlas/Theses/ at Nikhef
  2. Edit this wiki page by adding a line to the corresponding category (or send a mail to Ivo)

PhD theses
Name Year Title Thesis
Gijs van den Oord 2012 Recursion, Monte Carlo and Vector Boson Scattering at Hadron Colliders (pdf)
Ido Mussche 2012 Measurements on top quark pairs in proton collisions recorded with the ATLAS detector (pdf)
John Ottersbach 2012 Muons in early ATLAS Data from first collisions to W+W− production (pdf)
Nicole Ruckstuhl 2012 Muon signatures in ATLAS. A search for new physics in mu±mu± events (pdf)
Egge van der Poel 2012 Muon performance studies in ATLAS towards a search for the Standard Model Higgs boson (pdf)
Folkert Koetsveld 2012 Searching for supersymmetry in the first LHC data with ATLAS (pdf)
Alexander Doxiadis 2011 Searching for the Top : observation of the heaviest elementary particle at the LHC (pdf)
Alex Koutsman 2011 On the road to Supersymmetry with ATLAS (pdf)
Manuel Kayl 2011 Measurement of the charged particle density with the ATLAS detector : first data at sqrt s = 0.9, 2.36 and 7 TeV (pdf)
Eric Jansen 2011 Supersymmetry search using Z0 bosons produced in neutralino decays at the ATLAS detector (pdf)
Manouk Rijpstra 2011 The Top and Beyond - Missing Energy and Little Higgs in ATLAS (pdf)
Martijn Gosselink 2010 Radiating Top Quarks (pdf)
Zdenko van Kesteren 2010 Identification of muons in ATLAS (pdf)
Jochem Snuverink 2009 The ATLAS muon spectrometer: commissioning and tracking (pdf)
Maaike Limper 2009 Track and vertex reconstruction in the ATLAS inner detector (pdf)
Niels van Eldik 2007 The ATLAS muon spectrometer : calibration and pattern recognition (pdf)
Thijs Cornelissen 2006 Track fitting in the ATLAS experiment (pdf)
Marcello Barisonzi 2006 Mass measurements of the top quark in electroweak production channels at ATLAS (pdf)
Rene Scholte 2003 Data read-out and Bc production in ATLAS (pdf)
Marcel Vos 2003 The ATLAS inner tracker and the detection of light supersymmetric Higgs bosons (pdf)
Simon Peeters 2003 The ATLAS semiconductor tracker endcap (pdf)
Joost Visser 2003 Muon tracks through ATLAS (pdf)
Martin Woudstra 2002 Precision of the ATLAS muon spectrometer (pdf)
Ernst-Jan Buis 2002 Detecting R-parity violation in the Atlas inner detector (pdf)

Master theses
Name Year Title Thesis Supervisor
Athanasios Chouliaras 2013 Higgs Spin and Parity determination using decay channel H -> ZZ* -> 4l with the ATLAS detector (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen
Aagje Hendriks 2013 A search for the Higgs boson in the decay to b-quarks with the ATLAS detector (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen, Nicole Ruckstuhl
Liselotte Heukelom 2013 In search of the smuon (pdf) Robin van der Leeuw, Paul de Jong
Marco van Woerden 2012 Study of the response to isolated muons from collisions of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter's gap/crack cells (pdf) Henric Wilkens, Ivo van Vulpen
Koen Oussoren 2011 Flavor Changing Neutral Currents in Top Quark decay at the ATLAS Detector (pdf) Marcel Vreeswijk, Ivo van Vulpen
Pieter van der Deijl 2010 The ATLAS discovery potential of hadronic Z'-Strahlung decays (pdf) Bob van Eijk
Rose Koopman 2010 Background estimates in searches for the supersymmetric light top quark at the LHC (pdf) Stan Bentvelsen, Paul de Jong, Ivo van Vulpen
Rosemarie Aben 2010 Precision studies of the ATLAS MDT Chambers (pdf) Peter Kluit
Merlin Kole 2010 Phenomenology of Extra-Dimensional Higgsless Models (pdf) Bob van Eijk
Jeroen van Leerdam 2010 Higher order QCD corrections in top-antitop production at the LHC (pdf) Bob van Eijk
Joris Hartman 2009 Timing and calibration of the ATLAS RPC trigger chambers (pdf) Peter Kluit
Barbara Millan Mejias 2008 Optimization of Vector Boson Fusion Higgs candidate selection (pdf) Max Baak and Peter Kluit
Irene Niessen 2008 Supersymmetric Phenomenology in the mSUGRA Parameter Space (pdf) Wim Beenakker and Nicolo de Groot (RU Nijmegen)
Egge van der Poel 2007 Dark current in Monitored Drift Tubes and RASNIK commissioning at Atlas (pdf) Harry van der Graaf and Carel van Eijk (TU Delft)
Menelaos Tsiakiris 2007 Online selection of fully hadronic tt decays with the ATLAS detector (pdf) Sander Klous
Sander van Til 2007 Scalar top pair production in ATLAS (pdf) Paul de Jong
Nicole Ruckstuhl 2007 Testing a mSUGRA dark matter annihilation model for the EGRET gamma ray excess with ATLAS (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen
Martijn Gosselink 2006 Upsilon production in hadronic collisions (pdf) Bob van Eijk
Alex Koutsman 2005 Pulse Analysis for ATLAS MDT Twin Tubes (ps) Harry van der Graaf
Zdenko van Kesteren 2004 Angular orientation reconstruction of a Hall sensor calibration setup (pdf) Frank Linde

Bachelor projects
Name Year Title Thesis Supervisor
Mischa Reitsma 2010 Fake electrons in the ATLAS detector (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen & Marcel Vreeswijk
Roel Sluijter 2010 Supersymmetry (pdf) Robin van der Leeuw & Marcel Vreeswijk
Marco van Woerden 2009 Pt-snede bij pionverval in de ATLAS detector (dutch) (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen & Marcel Vreeswijk
M.R. Willemse 2009 The Discovery Potential of the Heavy W-Boson from Little Higgs Theory (pdf) Marcel Vreeswijk
Bardo Bakker 2008 Extra dimensies (dutch) (pdf) Ivo van Vulpen
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