Nikhef PC's at CERN

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This page is for keeping track of the desktop PC's Nikhef has at CERN, the so-called "nikpc's".


Nigel is responsible for computers in building 104.

Giuseppe is responsible for computers in building 54.

Rikard is responsible for computers in buildings 40 and 54.

Wolfgang was responsible for computers in building 40.

Duc will take over from Giuseppe and Rikard.

Who manages building 32 and other buildings?

How to add new users

On SLC4 this was ccdbuser. On SLC5 it is addusercern (/usr/sbin/addusercern). As root, type addusercern thedude where thedude is the lxplus username of the user.


Name Office User(s) Remarks
pcuat648 54-3-035 Gossie Old, disconnected
nikpc05 54-3-035 Rikard Ubuntu 32bit, disconnected
nikpc07 Peter, Zdenko
nikpc09 54-3-035 Used for B-field sensors, do not run heavy jobs!
nikpc10 54-3-035 Egge
nikpc11 54-3-035 Rikard
nikpc12 104-1-C18
nikpc13 104-2-C05 Robin, Manu
nikpc14 104-1-C18 Lucie
nikpc15 104-1-C18 Robin
nikpc16 40-2-D06 Peter
nikpc17 40-2-D06 Rosemarie
nikpc18 54-3-035 Nicole
nikmac01 54-3-035 Giuseppe Mac

Large hard drives

Name Path Size [TB] Free [%]
nikpc07 /data2 1 47
nikpc10 /data2 1 5
nikpc10 /data3 1 10
nikpc11 /data2 2 99
nikpc13 /data 2 26
nikpc16 /data2 2 99
nikpc17 /data2 2 55
nikpc18 /data2 2 40