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In December 2011, a new system for software distribution called the Cern Virtual Machine FileSystem, or CVMFS for short, was deployed at Nikhef for users. See the presentation that introduced it.

Please note that CVMFS isn't available on all PCs at Nikhef. It should be ready-to-use on all ATLAS PCs; if not, please contact the helpdesk. It's also available on all Stoomboot cluster nodes, including the interactive ones.

To use CVMFS, type in a shell:

% source /project/atlas/nikhef/cvmfs/
% setupATLAS

The first line sets-up CVMFS, and the second line calls a simple script that setups the cluster environment for ATLAS, that makes AtlasSetup available. Use Asetup to get your Athena release. For more info about the options of Asetup, see the AtlasSetupReference.

The last command also outputs a list of further command you can use to set-up the software, but first, let's look at all the software available on CVMFS:

% showVersions

This list is rather long; if you only want to show the versions of a certain package (for example, ROOT), use:

showVersions --show root

And finally, here's some example commands you can use to set-up certain software:

% localSetupDQ2Client
% localSetupPandaClient
% localSetupGanga
% asetup,AtlasProduction
% localSetupROOT