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Currently, three bikes are available for common use at CERN for NIKHEF employees. In order to keep track on which bike is used by whom, a bookingsystem is used. With this system it is possible to reserve a bike for a certain period of time and to see wether bikes are available at all.

One needs an account for the bookingsystem to be able to reserve the bike. In order to get this account, send a mail to the person monitoring the bookingsystem. He will send you the IDs needed to login.

Once you have an account, the system is quite simple:


Booking a bike (resource):

  • Choose Book A Resource from the tabs
  • Choose your favorite bike (Hondekop, Barbarossa, Koploper or Overland)
  • Neglect the resource group field
  • Fill in the period that you will use the bike

Checking whether bikes are available:

  • Choose View & Edit Bookings from the tabs
  • Choose Resource Group and tick concise list for a clear overview

In the past, bikes were returned with flat tires, keys were not returned to the safe and the like. This system is very suitable to keep track on who behaves badly. So please, return the bikes to the places you took them from, return the keys to the office where you received it and notify the administrator when the bikes are not in a good shape. You don't want to end up on the blacklist.

By the way, the administrator is not the one deciding who has priority over a bike and who not. First-reserved-first-served policy in this case.

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