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Get started with the grid easily. jGridstart helps grid end-users to request, obtain, install and renew grid certificates in a friendly way.

Using a large computing grid like BiG Grid and EGI requires some form of accountability. This is done using digital certificates. jGridstart helps a grid user to manage these, coordinated by a grid certification authority. Currently, the DutchGrid CA is currently using jGridstart.

You can test drive jGridstart.



If you are a user, you may want to consult the online documentation. In case you have a problem when using this program, please refer to the support page.

Grid authorities

Grid authority

When you are supplying certificates to users and are looking for improvements to the request process, you may consider using jGridstart. The software is fully multi-platform and open source (Apache 2.0). Read more in the Certificate Authorities section.



jGridstart is fully open source under the Apache license (with some external components under different open source licenses). Developers may be interested in one of its modules, and they are welcome to participate in this open source project. Please find more information in the developers section.