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Physics Data Processing and NDPF Wiki

Welcome to the collaborative editing space of the NIKHEF Physics Data Processing team and the Nikhef Data Processing Facility "NDPF".

Available on this Wiki:

Information provided by, or about, the Physics Data Processing group
current status of the Nikhef Data Processing Facility
detailed information for the NDPF facility, including local HOW-TOs and systems information
information and HOW-TOs on how to access the grid infrastructure from the Nikhef desktops
Site Access Control
LCAS, LCMAPS, SCAS and gLExec: the Site Access Control suite from Nikhef's EGEE gLite team
External Links
Interesting links about the Grid world and the related projects

Other information on this Wiki, contributed by PDP members

Agile testbed
Technical overview of the software development and certification testbed, a.k.a. P4CTB.
VL-e Resource Guide
an overview of available grid resources for members of the VL-e project.
Pushing TORQUE jobs in a chroot environment
Article describing how Torque can be patched and configured to run jobs in an isolated part of the file system.
Virtual Machines working group
Working group to investigate the feasibility of running virtual machines on the BIG grid infrastructure.
a Java GUI for grid end-users to request, obtain, install and renew grid certificates in a friendly way
A package developed in Gaudi, to solve the problem of the slow LHCb analysis jobs run on Stoomboot