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JGridstart is an open source project, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. It was developed at Nikhef as part of the BiG Grid project.

Developer documents

Building from source

JGridstart's source can be found at github. To build the latest development version from source, make sure that you have installed a Java development kit (JDK) and Maven, then run:

 git clone https://github.com/biggrid/jGridstart.git
 cd jGridstart
 mvn install

The current 'final' product can be found in jgridstart-small/target/jgridstart-small-<version>.jar (together with a bcprov-<jdk>-<version>.jar). Please see the README for more information.

jGridstart's main application is in jgridstart/, and it can be run from there using the shellscript jgridstart.sh (or jgridstart.bat on Windows).

Related websites

  • Certificate Authority Operations WG
  • Related software
    • Certificate Management Wizard is a wizard for setting up the grid; much more complex than jGridstart both in functionality and user-interface.
    • Grid Tools
    • SpectroGrid2 with a java web start based certificate manager (also here)
    • JaBaCATs Java Basic Certificate Authority Tools
    • Portecle - GUI to create, manage and examine keystores, keys, certificates, requests, revocation lists and more.
    • KeyTool IUI the cryptography GUI tool
    • gridshib-ca contains a java web start tool that installs user certificates
    • Grix is a Java gui application to help users handle security related tasks within a grid environment (old links)
    • CSRGenerator is a Java gui wizard to submit a CSR, implementing a subset of jGridstart's features
    • libbrowser is a Java library for accessing Internet Explorer and Mozilla keystores read/write(!) using native calls to dll/so.
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