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Welcome to the BiG Grid Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to easily share information with other BiG Grid project members and/or BiG Grid user communities.

For each of these teams an entry Wiki page has been set up






Within BiG Grid several tools are supported which are used or can be used by multiple groups of users. These tools include (in alphabetical order)

  • adler32sum : an adaptation of the 'md5sum' command
  • CTii : CellTom Intuitive Interface
  • jGridstart: a user-friendly tool for generating, submitting and managing grid certificate requests
  • LGI&LGI Pilot : a pilot job framework that is capable of submitting to many different resources
  • MOTEUR : a workflow engine for submitting SCUFL workflows
  • PLIER : Provenance Layer Infrastructure for e-Science Resources (data provenance toolbox)
  • ToPoS : a token-pool server for a quick&dirty approach to job-farming
  • vBrowser : a GUI for browsing grid resources
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