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adler32sum Wiki

The adler32sum command is an adaptation of the md5sum command. It calculates ADLER32 checksums of files (or standard input). The ADLER32 checksum is the default checksum type used by SRM grid storage. This tool was developed for the DANS user community, as the "normal" adler32 command, which is part of the 'srmclient' package, does not support filenames containing spaces.

Advantages of this binary compared to the 'srmclient' adler32 command

  • small, tiny and fast C program
  • exact same syntax as the 'md5sum' command
  • can calculate checksums of multiple files in one go
  • supports spaces in filenames

adler32sum was developed as a minor patch to the 'coreutils-8.5' package which is part of almost all Linux distro's.