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VBrowser Wiki

The Virtual Resource Browser or VBrowser is the main front-end of the VL-e Toolkit (VLET).
It started in 2006 as a simple file browser for SRB and since then more (grid) file systems have been added.

Currently it supports the following file systems:

  • Grid FTP (GFTP)
  • Storage Resource Manager (SRM)
  • Logical File Catalog (LFC)
  • Windows and Linux local file-system.

Other Resource Systems have been added as well and can be browsed by the VBrowser:

  • Workload Management Systems (WMS) (since 1.3).
  • Logging and Bookkeeping (LB) (since 1.3).
  • BDII [1] which is used by the "Grid Neighbourhood" resource (since 1.2).

For more information about the VBrowser, see the sourceforge site:

To receive more information and updates about the VBrowser (or VLET), you can subscribe to the vlet-develop@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list.