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e-BioGrid introduction

e-BioGrid is part of the BiG Grid project, dedicated to the Life Sciences in The Netherlands. It is the portal for all Life Scientists who want to make use of the BiG Grid infrastructure, its expertise and support.


e-BioGrid Projetcs

Every research group in the Netherlands dealing with Life Sciences can approach the e-BioGrid core team with a request for support or use of the existing infrastructure.

Current e-BioGrid projects are divided into two categories. The first consists of so-called core projects. These are projects set up in coordination with NBIC, have a lifetime of several years and are supplied with extra man power from BiG Grid.

The other projects are smaller in scope and duration. These projects will make use of the BiG Grid infrastructure and receive the default support that is available for users of BiG Grid.


Projects can also be classified according to the infrastructure they make use of. BiG Grid not only offers a large Grid infrastructure, but also Cloud services, GPU and cluster computing resources. Also mass data storage services are provided.

The core projects


This project was proposed by Sacha van Hijum and Victor de Jager. The proposal was approved by the eCore team of e-BioGrid and now waits approval of the BiG Grid Executive Team (The SdST will advice on this).


Morris Schwertz will shortly provide a formal proposal to the e-BioGrid core team. Currently only drafts have been received. As part of the BBMRI project, the subproject GVNL (Genome van Nederland) is already active. The team in Groningen is working with Genome data, together with the AMC on the Dutch Life Science Grid. Pilot activities are currently underway. BBMRI/GVNL will submit a resource proposal for storage capacity needed to store the genome data (estimated between 50 - 150 TB). Detailed information of activities in the Dutch BBMRI project can be found here.


The Micro Array Department (MAD) of the University of Amsterdam is currently working on the BiG Grid cloud infrastructure. Aim is to develop Problem Solving Environments for microarray design and analysis. This project is lead by Timo breit and Han Rauwerda.