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gLExec - gluing grid computing to the Unix world
D. Groep, O. Koeroo, G. Venekamp; J.Phys.:Conf.Series 119 (2008) 062032, CHEP2007; June 2008 (DoI)
Section 7 (page 256) of the EDG WP4 paper in the special issue of the Journal of grid computing
Thomas Röblitz, Florian Schintke, Alexander Reinefeld, Olof Bärring, Maite Barroso Lopez, German Cancio, Sylvain Chapeland, Karim Chouikh, Lionel Cons, Piotr Poznanski, Philippe Defert, Jan Iven, Thorsten Kleinwort, Bernd Panzer-Steindel, Jaroslaw Polok, Catherine Rafflin, Alan Silverman, Tim Smith, Jan van Eldik, David Front, Massimo Biasotto, Cristina Aiftimiei, Enrico Ferro, Gaetano Maron, Andrea Chierici, Luca dell'Agnello, Marco Serra, Michele Michelotto, Lord Hess, Volker Lindenstruth, Frank Pister, Timm M. Steinbeck, David L. Groep, Martijn Steenbakkers, Oscar Koeroo, Wim Som de Cerff, Gerben Venekamp, Paul Anderson, Tim Colles, Alexander Holt, Alastair Scobie, Michael George, Andrew Washbrook, Rafael A. García Leiva, Autonomic Management of Large Clusters and Their Integration into the Grid. J. Grid Comput. 2(3): 247-260 (2004) (PDF)
LCAS and LCMAPS in the EDG security architecture
Linda Cornwall, Jens Jensen, David P. Kelsey, Ákos Frohner, Daniel Kouril, Franck Bonnassieux, Sophie Nicoud, Károly Lörentey, Joni Hahkala, Mika Silander, Roberto Cecchini, Vincenzo Ciaschini, Luca dell'Agnello, Fabio Spataro, David O'Callaghan, Olle Mulmo, Gian Luca Volpato, David L. Groep, Martijn Steenbakkers, Andrew McNab, Authentication and Authorization Mechanisms for Multi-Domain Grid Environments. J. Grid Comput. 2(4): 301-311 (2004) (PDF)
CHEP2003 paper
R. Alfieri, Roberto Cecchini, Vincenzo Ciaschini, Luca dell'Agnello, A. Gianoli, Fabio Spataro, Franck Bonnassieux, Philippa J. Broadfoot, Gavin Lowe, Linda Cornwall, Jens Jensen, David P. Kelsey, Ákos Frohner, David L. Groep, Wim Som de Cerff, Martijn Steenbakkers, Gerben Venekamp, Daniel Kouril, Andrew McNab, Olle Mulmo, Mika Silander, Joni Hahkala, Károly Lörentey, Managing Dynamic User Communities in a Grid of Autonomous Resources. CoRR cs.DC/0306004: (2003) (PDF)


glexec-scas-20080924.ppt gLExec and the SCAS (EGEE08 conference)
glexec-oscompat-20080221.ppt gLExec and operating system compatibility
Presentation at the JRA1 all hands meeting in Padova, 15-17 November 2004
Presentation at NIKHEF on LCAS, LCMAPS and the JobRepository, 1 December 2003
Presentation at the EDG project conference in Barcelona
gLexec, plans and future at the MWSG Pisa meetingm, October 2005

Documents and deliverables

Additional background, requirements and description can be found in the EU deliverables for the projects in which LCAS and LCMAPS were developed.

The EDG Security Coordination Group
EDG Security Architecture (D7.6)
Security Requirements (D7.5)
EDG WP4 Gridification sub task documents and presentations
EGEE Site Access Control Architecture (DJRA3.2)

and the EGEE Security Architecture DJRA3.1.

The Site Access Control suite is co-funded by the European Commission under the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programmes.