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PGP information

 Key           Type    Fingerprint
 0x6F298418    DH/DSS  2011 FE70 9C5F 262C 6007  AC35 727A 735C 6F29 8418
 0x0626584B    RSA leg 1FFD CC69 1F48 CBE4  D03B 8D2F 7290 DCBF
 (these keys are cross-signed, key 0x6F298418 is preferred)

Download from public servers (, or from

Contact details

 National Institute for Nuclear and High Energy Physics NIKHEF,Grid/SC
 Phone: +31 20 592 2179, PObox 41882, NL-1009 DB Amsterdam Netherlands
                                         Fax at work:  +31 20 592 5155