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The build system runs cruisecontrol on bleek.

A rather simple script generates the cruisecontrol 'projects', one for each combination of package and platform.

The individual projects watch the specfile for that package. Note that in CVS there are two branches, for PoC R2 and PoC R3. The ccbuild user on bleek has the right to checkout the specfiles.

Depending on the platform, the build is scheduled by running ssh to a build machine, or by running on bleek itself in a separate schroot environment.

New builds, R3 on EL5-64

For the upcoming EL5 build my plan is to use clean xen domUs. A service running on span would allow 'usercc' to initiate the creation of a new build machine, and the automatic start of a build process on it. How to arrange for security? Define what the service does precisely first.