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Setup of the framework

The framework is structured as follows:

  • Cloud and virtualization testbed infrastructure for automated installation and configuration of test machines.
  • Collections of tests bundled in single scripts to be run on a particular machine instance or a particular lab setup.
  • Continuous integration suite for driving these tests.

All of these are works in progress.

The automated installation and configuration is currently handled by a set of firstboot scripts, and a set of site-info.def files. These are maintained in git repositories.

LCMAPS test cases

The new test framework aims at testing the more complicated situations requiring interaction between multiple nodes. Typical interactions include:

  • glexec on WN call to SCAS
  • glexec on WN call to ARGUS
  • gridftp client to server
  • glite-ce-client tools call WMproxy
  • glexec on CREAM call to ARGUS
  • glexec on CREAM call to SCAS
  • globus-job-run call to LCG-CE

In each of these interactions, cases for success as well as failure must be covered.

Further variation can be made in the types of proxies, i.e. number of delegations, certificates from sub-CA's, RFC vs legacy proxies, VOMS, ... Link title