Upgrading Quattor Components

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How to upgrade an ncm component on stal.

Login to stal su to user 'src' cd /project/src/elfms/quattor

You may have to do two builds. For component 'arlo' you may have a directory 'arlo' under /project/src/elfms/quattor and as well another one under subdir ncm-components called 'ncm-arlo'

for example spma has


I am not sure but I get the impression it is best to first upgrade the one starting with 'ncm' and then the other one.

To upgrade (using spma as an example):

cd ncm-components/core/ncm-spma/
cvs upd
#  this may take awhile
make rpm

now you have the RPM built ...

cd /project/src/elfms/quattor/spma
cvs upd
# may take even longer  ...
make rpm

after doing all the building

 ssh ndpfmgr@stal

(will accept your public key).


 yum update ncm-spma

new-style components should leave a tpl file defining version information, check for

check for a file




(replace 'spma' by your component's name)

If this is present, you can also check that there might still be an old-style file laying around, which you should remove if you find it: something like