Shutting Down WorkerNodes

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The simplest method is to use a execute 'shutdown -h now' on all nodes, for example using the following statement from a UI or the PBS server:

for n in $(pbsnodes -a | grep ^wn-) ; do echo $n ; ssh root@$n 'shutdown -h now' ; done

Note that this assumes that the host names of all worker nodes follow the naming convention


and that the nodes must have a running ssh daemon.

If you prefer to use IPMI, execute

ipmitool -P <PASSWORD> -U root -H chassis power off

where <PASSWORD> is the IPMI management password for host. The advantage of this solution is that it switches the node off via its power supply, which will work irrespective of the state of the OS nd its services. However, this does not allow the OS to shutdown properly, so data corruption may occur at the disks.