Resurrecting kuiken

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The following procedures assumes root access to the VOMS server

Starting services

Start the VOMS daemons for the supported VOs and the Tomcat server hosting the VOMS-Admins pages.

service voms start

Note 1: The machine will compile the Java webpages for about a minute for each of the VOMS Admin page. This can clearly be followed with top. Wait before this process to finish before testing the VOMS Admin page on their successful resurrection.

Note 2: the machine will start up with these services disabled. This historic measure prevents that unexpected circumstances can leave the machine in an undefined state, without possibility to login. TStartup of the services will be automatic after kuiken has been migrated to different (virtual) hardware.

As a prerequisite to the VOMS daemons and the Tomcat environment, the MySQL service on the machine must be running.

Testing web access

Verify that the VOMS Admin web site can be reached via the following links:

  • Secured (mutual authnentication) VOMS Admin: [1]
  • Plain HTTP: [2]