Nortel 4548GT switches

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Luilak/Bulldozer subcluster switches (Nortel 4548GT)

The 4500 series Nortel switches are different from all others. A few hints:

  • The serial port setting is 9600 8N1 with NO flow control
  • Before the serial port will work, the dip switch on the back of the unit may need to be set to "BASE". If it is set to "Unit select" you may not get any reasonable response out of the serial port
  • If nothing seems to happen, press ^Y
  • The local user names (for the web interface) are "RO" and "RW", respectively.

Vendor documentation

What You Should See

Exec commands:
 enable    Turn on privileged commands
 exit      Exit from the EXEC

Proposed Configuration

Configure trunk using LACP on ports 47 and 48 (the two right-most ports) and run both VLAN 9 and VLAN 4 tagged over this trunk. All other ports 1-44 are be be untagged ports in VLAN 9. Except on sw-03, which is a 24 port switch!

Preliminary configuration

conf t
autosave enable
cli password switch serial local
cli password switch telnet local
cli password switch read-only "IPMILOW"
cli password switch read-write "IPMI"
cli password stack read-only "IPMILOW"
cli password stack read-write "IPMI"
snmp-server community "public" ro
snmp-server community "COMPLEXHASH" rw
snmp-server contact ""
snmp-server name "farmnet-sw-valentine-XX"
snmp-server location "H139"

Disable spanning tree for safety

interface FastEthernet ALL
spanning-tree port 1-48 learning fast
spanning-tree port 1-48 cost 1 priority 80

Create the appropriate vlans

vlan create 4 name IPMI type port
vlan create 9 name FARMNET type port
vlan configcontrol automatic
vlan members remove 1 1-48
vlan ports 1-46 tagging disable
vlan ports 47-48 tagging enable
vlan ports 47-48 tagging tagAll
vlan members 9 1-46
vlan members add 4 47-48
vlan members add 9 47-48

Configure the proper type of trunking:

no mlt 1
int FastEthernet 47-48
lacp aggregation port 47-48 enable
lacp mode port 47-48 active

The management interface of the switch can be assigned to VLAN4 now and then configured with the ip address of the switch using:

vlan mgmt 4
ip address 172.20.1.YYY
ip address netmask
ip default-gateway


Try and save the configuration:

copy config nvram

and check the LACP status with

sho lacp debug member 47-48

Deel configuration

The link aggregation group on deel should also be LACP (802.3ad, i.e., dynamic)

lag "farmnet-sw-valentine-01" dynamic
 ports e 13/3 to 13/4
 primary-port 13/3
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-01-A" ethernet 13/3
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-01-A" ethernet 13/4
lag "farmnet-sw-valentine-02" dynamic
 ports e 13/5 to 13/6
 primary-port 13/5
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-02-A" ethernet 13/5
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-02-A" ethernet 13/6
lag "farmnet-sw-valentine-03" dynamic
 ports e 13/11 to 13/12
 primary-port 13/11
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-03-A" ethernet 13/11
 port-name "farmnet-sw-valentine-03-A" ethernet 13/12

and update the cricket configuration ...