NDPF Dell switch config

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Setting up the Dell 5x24 switch

connect a serial cable (9600 8N1) and login to the box


(and provide password when asked for)

Then, enable the portfast feature on all ethernet interfaces

 int range ethe all
 spanning-tree portfast

now you are ready to connect nodes to the switch and use DHCP to install these nodes. If you do not enable portfast, the DHCP timeout is shorter than the STP negotiation and thus DHCP will fail.

Now, don't forget to commit the config to the startup-config. From the top-level menu

 copy run startup


To create a trunked line of, say, ports 21 and 22 on a Dell 5324:

 int ethe g21 
 channel-group 1 mode on
 int ethe g22
 channel-group 1 mode on

confirm that it's there:

 show int port-channel

and it should show up in channel 1.

And rememebr to match this config on deel (and there to also deploy the trunks).