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The NDPF configuration for bind (DNS) of ipmi.nikhef.nl

The master DNS server for the NDPF is located on teugel.nikhef.nl (alongside the LDAP master). There are then several slave servers that take the configuration from there. Furthermore, the subdomain "ipmi.nikhef.nl" is served from here, with dwalin and cesano proxying requests form the outside world for this domain to teugel.

The configuration for bind on teugel is automatically generated. The script to do that, alongside the configuration file, is located at


and is under subversion control. Please use your own sshPublicKey to commit changes to svn as soon as you make mods here. The SVN repository is at these URLs:


Generating a new ipmi.nikhef.nl domain map

As root, go to the proper directory:

cd /project/dns/nl.nikhef.ndpf.config/dns-ipmi.nikhef.nl

Update the IPMI map file (for 'normal' additions), or edit the script mapper.pl in case of special aliases and multiple-A-record entries:

vi ipmimap.in

where the format is trivial: hostname ip-address. Lines starting with ";" are comments, like always. Remember to commit the changes:

svn commit ipmimap.in

and then re-create the map:

./mapper.pl ipmimap.in

where the script will automagically generate the new serial number for the map (this must be monotonically increasing, it's just the bind(8) thingy). Afterwards, reload bind on teugel:

rndc reload

ans you're done.