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To start jGridstart, visit your certificate authority's page (DutchGrid). In general, jGridstart should start automatically, or possibly after pressing the button/link shown.

If this doesn't happen, one of the following may be the case.


A message pops up telling me that Java is required

To be able to run jGridstart requires Java to be installed on your computer (like many other grid-related software packages). Press the button Install Java to do so, and come back to the page afterwards. From then onwards, the page should detect that you have installed Java.

I do have installed Java, but it still tells me to install it

In some cases an existing Java installation is not properly detected (more precisely, when you have a Java runtime environment but no functional browser plugin). If this is the case, the bottom of the message that pops up provides a way to skip the detection and run jGridstart anyway.

My web browser shows a security problem when downloading the file

If your browser's security settings are restricted, it may not be possible to run the program directly from your browser. Either allow it to download and run JNLP files, or run it manually (see Run jGridstart manually).

A file is downloaded but nothing happens

(see next question)

A file is downloaded but then I'm asked to select an application to open it

(see next question)

A file is downloaded but it is shown in a text editor

Your system does not seem to know how to run this application. Make sure you have installed Java. Then you can run jGridstart manually. (Or correct your file associations, look for example here.)

Run jGridstart manually

If all else fails, you can still run jGridstart from the command-line. Open a terminal application, or bring up a "Run Application" dialog. Then enter the following command:

 javaws http://ca.dutchgrid.nl/start/jgridstart.jnlp

Due to an error in Java Web Start 1.7, running without Java Web Start is also possible.

I get the error message "JAR resources in jnlp file are not signed by same certificate"

jGridstart 1.10 may require Java 1.6.0_14 or higher to run in some cases. It may help to install the latest Java.

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