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Sometimes you may want to renew a certificate that is not picked up automatically by jGridstart. That may be the case when your certificate is located on a different computer, or when it is installed in the web browser only (jGridstart only recognizes Globus-type certificates). In these cases, you need to import the certificate into jGridstart before you can renew it.

Exporting certificate from a web browser

If your certificate is present in your web browser, you need to export it to a PKCS#12 file first. This procedure is different for each browser and operating system, but some pointers are provided here.

  • Mozilla Firefox: (as explaind here and here)
    • Open Mozilla browser
    • In the main menu clickTools->Options. Options window will appear:
    • Select "Advanced" section
    • Click "Manage Certificates"
    • In "Cetrificates Manager" window select "Your Certificates" tab
    • From the list of certificates select the certificate you want to backup and click "Backup"
    • Enter a file name to backup and click "Save"
    • Enter your password for the Software Security Device and click "Ok"
    • Choose a certificate backup password and click "Ok"
  • Internet Explorer: (as explained here)
    • Run Internet Explorer
    • Menu Tools -> Internet Options
    • Select Tab Content -> Click Certificates
    • Select Tab Personal
    • Select your certificate
    • Click Export -> Click Next
    • Select Yes Export the Private Key -> Click Next
    • Select Enable strong protection -> Click Next
    • Type in a password and DO NOT FORGET IT -> Click Next
    • Select a filename (cert.p12) to save your certificate to -> Click Next
    • Click Finish

When you have obtained a .p12 file, import it into jGridstart as explained here, though its last step, installation of the certificate into your web browser, is not needed here.

Importing from a different computer

If your certificate is on a different computer, you need to obtain a copy of it in PKCS#12 or PEM format (for the latter, make sure to copy both userkey.pem and usercert.pem), and import them into jGridstart.

Please see also copy certificate.

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