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Where do I find my hooiei?

Rack 28 is the oen with fewer thumpers (right-hand if you stand right in front of the thing), rack 29 is the left-hand one.

Serial number hostname rack position System MAC eth0 SP MAC
*038 hooi-ei-01 28 top 00144FA6D704 00144FC4FF2A
*134 hooi-ei-02 28 top-1 00144FA6BF54 00144FC50502
*024 hooikoorts 28 top-2 00144FA6D8B0 00144F7946AF
*034 hooi-ei-03 28 top-3 00144FA6D8FC 00144FC4FF4A
*049 hooi-ei-04 28 top-4 00144FA6D3B4 00144FC501C9
*021 hooi-ei-05 28 top-5 00144FA6D958 00144F6B6810
*060 hooi-ei-06 28 top-6 00144FA6D73C 00144FC4FE9C
*069 hooi-ei-07 29 top 00144FA6D708 00144FC5041E
*051 hooi-ei-08 29 top-1 00144FA6DD54 00144FC5022D
0810AMT078 hooi-ei-09 29 top-2 00144FA70910 00144FC50518
*132 hooi-ei-10 29 top-3 00144FA6DE98 00144FC501AA
*065 hooi-ei-11 29 top-4 00144FA6C7D8 00144FC501FB
0811AMT078 hooi-ei-12 29 top-5 00144FA6CFDC 00144FC50155
*141 hooi-ei-13 29 top-6 00144FA6DC5C 00144FC50504
*074 hooi-ei-14 29 top-7 00144FA6DD00 00144F794CC4

MAC addresses for eth0 and the SP

Case 38055344
date: 17-04-08


NIKHEF, kruislaan 409, Amsterdam

15x SunFire X4500 16GB 24TB

S/N		sys_mac		sp_mac

0812AMT024	00144FA6D8B0		00144F7946AF
0810AMT134	00144FA6BF54		00144FC50502
0812AMT038	00144FA6D704		00144FC4FF2A
0807AMT049	00144FA6D3B4		00144FC501C9
0821AMT034	00144FA6D8FC		00144FC4FF4A
0811AMT060	00144FA6D73C		00144FC4FE9C
0812AMT021	00144FA6D958		00144F6B6810
0807AMT051	00144FA6DD54		00144FC5022D
0811AMT069	00144FA6D708		00144FC5041E
0810AMT065	00144FA6C7D8		00144FC501FB
0811AMT078	00144FA6CFDC		00144FC50155
0810AMT141	00144FA6DC5C		00144FC50504
0810AMT132	00144FA6DE98		00144FC501AA
0810AMT074	00144FA6DD00		00144F794CC4
0810AMT078	00144FA70910		00144FC50518