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Service level

The GridPBX is an experimental service. We do not offer any service guarantee, neither expressed nor implied, about the suitability of this PBX for any purpose, in particular not for voice conversations. The GridPBX is operated by the PDP group as a playground, meaning that the number plan, connection details, hostnames and PIN codes may change at any time. We will try to keep this Wiki page up to date.


Some services reachable from this PBX incur fees for Nikhef or for specific individuals in the PDP group. In most cases, such services are protected by a PIN code. If you care given the PIN to access these services, you must keep this PIN private and secure. Do not write it in emails and do not glue it to your phone or terminal.

Your connection details to register an extension with the GridPBX are also personal and private. Do NOT share these data with anyone, keep them private, and do NOT give them to your colleague, not even for testing. They are yours.


This is not a public or corporate phone exchange, it's an experiment. Traffic logs will be kept for evaluation purposes, and traffic data may be kept for a period as long as two years. On the other hand, it may also be destroyed immediately. Conversations traversing the GridPBX MAY be recorded, including both person-to-person calls as well an conferencing and bridging connections. These recordings are usually available only to adminitrators of the GridPBX, but in the case of a securit incident they MAY be exposed to anyone in the world.

PLEASE do NOT make private calls through the GridPBX!

Also, note that everyone in the world will be able to call your extension directly with a SIP URL.

Connecting to the PBX

All GridPBS numbers are experimental and unsupported unless you support it yourself ;-)

National number dial-in and the IVR

You can dial

+31 (0)20 716 5293 (internally 2262)
to access the GridPBX Interactive Voice Response system. You'll be presented with a selection menu (like if you dialled 5293 from your own internal SIP phone).
+31 (0)20 716 5248 (internally 2263)
to connect directly to the CERN Vidyo system
+31 (0)20 716 5268 (internally 2261)
to connect directly to the audio conference IVR (expt)

SIP Clients

Some free clients include

No configuration needed for direct SIP calls. Also has H.323

No configuration needed for direct SIP calls. SIP only.

Advanced possibilities, relatively easy setup

Includes H.323 video.


The Interactive Voice Response behind number 5293 (from outside: 0207165293) is the current main entry point for outside users and supports multiple inbound connections. The obvious choices are

digit Destination
0 Annoy caller
1 CERN Vidyo gateway
2 discontinued
3 MeetMe phone conferences
4 CERN Vidyo (announced) since the CTB wiki apparently points here
6 Last Day
7 Nagios status of the NDPF
8 Status.IO messages for Nikhef
9 DISA, protected with your personal DISA PIN. Request this PIN from the grid group
* InYourEyes

Using the audio conference rooms

Connect to the conference IVR bridge (call 2261 internally, or +31 20 7165268 from outside) and go through the "ConferenceIVR" IVR.

Number plan
number Conference Comments
85000 Conference: free love
85001 Conference: NCF legacy (max 5 part)
85002 Conference: PDP group
85005 Conference: Nikhef general
85006 Conference: Nikhef Conference Number Two (music on hold)
85099 Conference: Terminal Conference

If you want to communicate about this service to the public, refer to

CERN Vidyo dial-in service

Call +31 20 7165248 to connect to CERN vidyo confs, giving the extension (usually 1... for personal rooms, or 9... for Indico rooms) when thus requested. If you are physically at Nikhef: from an internal phone, you can also call 2263 and call for free for an infite period.

If you want to communicate about this service to the public, refer to

EVO phone bridge service

Gone permanently: EVO went over to the commercial side and we don't do that.

Registering an extension

Registration if individual extensions is closed!

To register your own SIP phone with internal phone number, please send a request by email to <> with the following information:

Your full name
ikonet/hefnet/windows login name
current extension number old PBX
preferred voicemail PIN
Enable voicemail (Yes/No)?
Email address for voicemails:
Enable call-waiting with music (Yes/No)?

When we have completed the setup, you will be issued with an extension number (not necessarily the same one that you have now!) and password to register your SIP phone

SIP connection parameters

Connect to ( on port 5060/udp (default for SIP). This is only possible from white-listed IP addresses (i.e.: from nowhere). Your registration URL will be formatted like

You can of course also make a (even parallel) SIP connection from your home. Just create a new internetphone on your Fritz!Box and point it to You can then call for free from your home to Nikhef by selecting the proper prefix. And from there you can call CERN again (if you have been assigned an outbound-PIN).

Internal Number plan

Number plan
number Destination Comments
666 Sympathy for the devil
72279 David Groep
85000 Conference: free love
85001 Conference: NCF legacy (max 5 part)
85099 Conference: Terminal Conference