External Procedures and Tools

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This page contains a collection of links to external web sites with documentation on procedures or simply convenient links.


EGEE SA1 Operational Procedures: a description of current procedures and tools in the EGEE project.


GOC wiki: various guides to procedures and practical problems and solutions.


CIC portal: the EGEE operations and management tool. Contains VO ID cards, the broadcast tool, pre-report and much more.

GOC database: the GOC database contains information per site, such as the grid services and administrators. It is also the site to be used when declaring downtime and it contains an overview of current downtimes.

Status monitoring

SAM web interface: the Service Availability Monitoring web site presents the historic results of the SAM tests, per node type, VO, site, or host.

gStat:the gStat web site presents an overview of what is published in the information system. It can be used to find errors in what is being published per site or node type.