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Other information

All floor plans are available at

The shipment list is at EGI Shipping.


length needed order type ordered confirmed received
175m 3 4 rugged SM/LC-LC 20100817
80m 4 5 rugged SM/LC-LC 20100817
50m 3 4 rugged SM/LC-LC 20100817
25m 3 4 rugged SM/LC-LC 20100817
3m 14 15 regular SM/LC-LC 20100817

Fibre routes

The fibre routes extend over 4 levels, according to the fibre route floor plan. Please follow the descriptions below and use the correct fibre length on each of the routes. All fibres are SM/LC-LC!

Route A

Fibres departing from core: 3x175m + 1x80m

Switches: 18, 19, 20, plus new "21" one in graanbeurszaal on monday

To destination(s): via first floor to cellar, then via graanbeurszaal (leave 1x80m there), remaining three continue. At mid-corridor, two go right via elevator and storage room to continue to Yakult front (leave enough fibre for truss to be raised!). At the mid-corridor, the remianing one continues to glazen zaal via massageroom and then up.

Route B

Fibres departing from core: 2x80m + 1x50m

Switches: 15, 16, 17

To destination(s): to first floor to celler, then via beursfoyer. One goes up in beursfoyer, two continue to Yakult achter. Both go up there. Leave enough fibre for truss in Yakult to be raised!

Route C

Fibres departing from core: 3x25m

Switches: 6, 11, and EuroFiber uplink

To destiantion(s): up to first floor, then through cableduct in floor to server room (leave 1), and to patchpanel in room (2x)

Route D

Fibres departing from core: 1x80m + 1x50m

Switches: 12, 14

To destiantion(s): to second floor, then one goes over balcony to opposite side of beurszaal, and one goes via corridor to the balcony of the Berlagezaal.

Route E

Fibres departing from core: 1x50m

Switches: 13

To destiantion(s): to first floor, then to the truss in the beurszaal. Leave enough fibre for truss to be raised.


Switch locaties op floor plan

name type location shipped mounted recovered sent-back
sw06 ?? Zijlkamer
sw11 24p POE Verweykamer patchruimte
sw12 24p POE t.o. K.15
sw13 24p POE Grote zaal in truss
sw14 24p POE Berlagezaal balkon 2e
sw15 24p POE hal Beursfoyer onder de bank
sw16 24p POE Yakult 1e truss van achteren
sw17 24p POE Yakult 2e truss van achteren
sw18 24p POE Yakult 2e truss van voren
sw19 24p POE Yakult 1e truss van voren
sw20 24p POE in de glazen zaal
sw21 24p POE Graanbeurszaal buiten bij de paal ALLEEN OP MAANDAG

Videoconf setup

The SD polycom (from room H135) is available, alongside a beamer and a projection screen. All components come from Nikhef.

It has been reserved on the following locations

date timeslot location requestor session name confirmed placed collected
14 1400 - 1800 da Costa sveng EGI CSIRT Y
15 1100 - 1800 da Costa davidg NREN GRIDS WS Y

Other orders

product description qty needed qty ordered ordered confirmed received
verlengkabel C12/C13 div lengtes
tie wraps 20100820
duct tape plakked switches op trussen 3x50m
gaffa tape 8x50m
voedingen access points 12V DC
UTP cables div lengtes 55 + stands
conversie fibre Eurofibre afmontage -> LC