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The EES, the Execution Environment Service, is the site-local mapping component of the gLite Authorization Framework. It converts grid-wide or logical obligations into site-specific execution environments, supported by any attribute the job carries from the user or the VO. Examples may be the assignment of a site-local Unix uid out of a pool based on FQAN attributes given by the VO; or setting the primary Unix group based on the obligation to run a job in a particular logical share, or configuring a machine image to be executed in a virtual machine hosting environment on a worker node. Through the planned site-customizable scripts in perl, site managers can easily extend the functionality.

The role of the Execution Environment Service (EES) is to ensure that an appropriate site-specific execution environment is procured that allows an already-authorized task to be executed on a site-local resource. This environment must honour any obligations and characteristics specified by the effective Policy on which the positive Decision to authorize was based.

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