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Available protocols:

  • gridftp (port 2811)
  • webdav (port 2880)
  • xrootd (port 1094).

SRM is not used.

VO Details

  • Each VO has a separate endpoint to access dCache. They are named: vo.dcache.nikhef.nl .
  • There is a separate directory for each VO named /pnfs/nikhef.nl/data/vo .
  • The organisation of VO directory is left up to each VO.
  • Example: for the pvier VO the xrootd endpoint is xrootd://pvier.dcache.nikhef.nl and to access to the file /pnfs/nikhef.nl/data/pvier/test.txt via xrootd the url is xrootd://pvier.dcache.nikhef.nl/pnfs/nikhef.nl/data/pvier/test.txt