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The Vodafone Escape Route

Location of the umts modem: H139 in our storage cabinet, the package looks like a fat dvd box with the tekst Vodafone mobile connect.


Install the packages from: and follow the INSTALL.txt

You'll can find the latest version here:

  • Install the software
  • Plug-in the modem
  • Startup the vodafone software and connect



The latest version ( doesn't work. But you can find the latest version on the vodafone website.

  • Install the software and reboot your mac
  • Plug-in the modem
  • Startup the vodafone software and pres Activate
  • Make a dail-up connection with the Apple connection software. (More information see the manual in the folder of the Vodafone software)

Microsoft Windows XP

Plug-in the UMTS modem and you'll see a virtual CD-ROM drive. Run the setup.exe and use the vodafone software.

Microsoft Windows Vista

The Windows Vista software needs to be downloaded separately, preferably BEFORE inserting the device for the first time. The software that's on the 'virtual CD-ROM' does not work on Windows Vista.

To obtain the latest version of the software, visit, but you can also download a local copy (from within Nikhef) from


  • install the software (with Administrative rights)
  • plug in the USB modem
  • launch the Vodafone Mobile Connect tool and wait for the device to be recognised by Windows
  • in the Main window, press "Connect"

Note that the connection only does IPv4, no IPv6, and that you get a private 10.x.x.x address with NAT. But it's sufficient to create the VPN tunnel back to schrepel.