Arista 7148S switches

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Core switches (Arista 7148SX)

The 7100 series from Arista switches are different from all others. A few hints:

  • The serial port setting is 9600 8N1 with NO flow control
  • The local user is admin
  • It is not possible to configure the management part of this switch over the 10Gb fiber optics, you need to use the special RJ45 ports on the switch for this
  • It is a AMD dualcore 3600+ machine running a redhat based linux version
  • You can use tcpdump to debug your network interfaces
  • With the EOS 4.2.2 version the static routing isn't working properly

Basic Configuration

To configure the switch with a hostname, ip, password.

configure terminal
interface management 1
ip address <ip> <netmask>
ip route <gateway>
hostname <name of switch>
username admin secret 0 <password>
copy running-config startup-config

Update OS

To update the system:

copy http://webserver/EOS-4.2.2.swi flash:EOS-4.2.2.swi
configure terminal
boot  system flash:EOS-4.2.2.swi
write memory

And now the arista switch is running EOS-4.2.2

SNMP Activation

To Activate SNMP on the switch for monitoring usage. This isn't active by default.

configure terminal
snmp-server community public ro

Create Vlan

To create a vlan with a IP address and hook it up to a ethernet interface.

configure terminal
vlan 2
interface vlan 2
ip address 10.x.y.z/24
interface ethernet 1
switchport access vlan 2

Create a Trunk

To create a trunk with tagged or untagged vlan's.

configure terminal
int port-Channel 1
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 4,9

Or if you want a untagged trunk.

configure terminal
int port-Channel 1
switchport access vlan 20

To add interfaces to this trunk:

interface ethernet <begin port number>-<end port number>
channelgroup 1 mode active

Level 3 Routing

Todo some static routing with this switch.

configure terminal
ip routing
ip route <network> <netmask> <gateway>