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There is an effort to move our Agile testbed to a cloud-based infrastructure. It is based on OpenNebula and currently in development.

Installation notes


  • Plug'n'play networking
    • MAC and IP addresses handed out by OpenNebula
    • An OpenNebula hook will be added to register the machine's name with DNS dynamically
  • There will be three networks, initially:
    • Closed: no internet connection (, domain .closed)
    • Private: internet access, masqueraded to the outside world (, .private)
    • Public: public IP addresses, bridged (domain

These networks are all connected via the network interfaces, so that the networks across different physical hosts can reach each other. Each host does masquerading the internal range for internet connectivity by itself to divide the load. Bleek runs a nameserver on 10.198.x.240 that serves the dynamic DNS in addition to being a DNS cache.

Dynamic DNS DDNS on Fedora auto DHCP leases


OpenNebula's simple authentication. An improvement may be to use a security token such as the ssh authentication backend uses, based on either OpenNebula's own user database, ldap, or a public key.


When a cloud machine is instantiated from a base image from the repository, the machine should still be configured for the specific instance. This is done by an init script that is present in all base images, which sets up the network and runs any machine-specific initialisation. The OpenNebula contextualisation features will be used for this.

Services in the Cloud

Continuous Integration: Hudson

A virtual machine will run Hudson with the EC2 Plugin so that builds are done on dynamic virtual machines. The current CruiseControl service for VL-e builds will migrate to this (see also RPM build area customisation).

Authentication will preferably be done using a custom client-side ssl certificate plugin, which has received some effort already.

Future directions

When the cloud is properly setup, future directions can be explored like:

  • Secure networking: ebtables hooks to only allow allocated mac from node
  • Using virtual machines from within Hudson
    • for on-demand build slaves (multiple platforms)
    • for tests running on virtual machines
  • Moving other parts of the testbed to the cloud, if it turns out to be an improvement.