Adding/removing nodes to PBS

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To add a node to PBS, run as root the script ~davidg/bin/mk_pbsnode on the PBS server and pipe its output to qmgr.

Syntax of this script:

mk_pbsnode -np <number_of_processors> -p <node-type> -p <OS> -p xps<speed> <hostname>

For example:

root@tbn20# ~davidg/bin/mk_pbsnode -np 2 -p amdncf -p rhel3 -p xps2000
# creating node
create node
set node properties += farm
set node properties += amdncf
set node properties += rhel3
set node properties += xps2000
set node ntype = cluster
set node np = 2

To delete a node, run the script (as root on the PBS server) with the following syntax:

root@tbn20# ~davidg/bin/mk_pbsnode -d <hostname> | qmgr

NOTE: Deleting a node with the above commands kills pbs_server in torque 2.0.0. Taking a node offline can be done with

pbsnodes -o <hostname>

and bringing it back online via

pbsnodes -c <hostname>