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This pages gives an overview of the theses produced in the Nikhef ATLAS group.

New thesis:

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Master theses
Name Year Title Thesis Supervisor
Egge van der Poel 2007 Dark current in Monitored Drift Tubes and RASNIK commissioning at Atlas (pdf) Harry van der Graaf and Carel van Eijk (TU Delft)
Menelaos Tsiakiris 2007 (empty) (empty) (pdf) Sander Klous
Sander van Til 2007 Scalar top pair production in ATLAS (pdf) Paul de Jong
Nicole Ruckstuhl 2007 Testing a mSUGRA dark matter annihilation model

for the EGRET gamma ray excess with ATLAS

(pdf) Ivo van Vulpen
Zdenko van Kesteren 2004 Angular orientation reconstruction of a Hall sensor calibration setup (pdf) Frank Linde

PhD theses
Name Year Title Thesis
Niels van Eldik 2007 The ATLAS muon spectrometer : calibration and pattern recognition (pdf)
Thijs Cornelissen 2006 Track fitting in the ATLAS experiment (pdf)
Marcello Barisonzi 2006 Mass measurements of the top quark in electroweak production channels at ATLAS (pdf)
Rene Scholte 2003 Data read-out and Bc production in ATLAS (pdf)
Marcel Vos 2003 The ATLAS inner tracker and the detection of light supersymmetric Higgs bosons (pdf)
Simon Peeters 2003 The ATLAS semiconductor tracker endcap (pdf)
Joost Visser 2003 Muon tracks through ATLAS (pdf)
Martin Woudstra 2002 Precision of the ATLAS muon spectrometer (pdf)
Ernst-Jan Buis 2002 Detecting R-parity violation in the Atlas inner detector (pdf)