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General rules of PhD at UvA

All information: Procedure voor promotie

The rules: Promotie regelement

Step-by-step: Stappenschema

Toelating tot promotie

The first thing to start the whole process is getting admittance to the procedure. You need to draw up a form (Toelating tot promotie) or ask Joan Berger to do it for you. The only thing you will have to think about is a working title for your thesis (can be changed later). You will need signitures of your promotor and co-promotor and then go to the faculty office at the UvA building across the street. Bring the form, your university diploma and a form of ID. The office is at C2.140 and the contact person is called Marianne Braaksma (020-5257992). She will then make sure that you get a signiture of the dean. Takes 4-6 weeks.


In the mean time you can ask your promotor and co-promotor to set up the commitee. The approval takes also another 4-6 weeks and the form can be found here

Preliminary date

Once you have the "Toelating tot promitie" and the approval of the commity, you can draw up the title page (titelblad) of your thesis (with all the official stuff on it) and then ask for a preliminary date at the pedel's office (bureau pedel).

Bureau Pedel

contact information