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 * production status: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aQUv3_9Cp1Wo5tmCbe4lyL7TXjcZVb4F1SLHjV4-ZqY
 * module status: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hnCGsmCTcDe4o2m7lTcTWRrB2gXco2-zq2ImWTs1_b8


Setup for module production QA (last update 22/9/2016)

There are two tests:

1. quick electrical test ("20 seconds"), mainly to check that wirebonds are ok. This test should take place in the clean-room. For this we need:

  • LV (incl. PC for controls?)
  • DAQ
  • fibers to connect to DAQ
  • database to summarize results

2. burn-in test ("24 hours"). For this we need:

  • LV
  • HV (till 1000V; must have precise current control/monitor )
  • PC with PVSS to control LV and HV
  • DAQ
  • fibers to connect to DAQ
  • PC to run data analysis (needs to happen in real time as data volumes are very large)
  • database to summarize results
  • 19 inch rack
  • CO2 cooling
  • vacuum tank
  • if not in the cleanroom, a 'tent' to protect setup

DAQ system

We will have only one DAQ system, the so-called 'mini-DAQ'. A system consists of a PCI express card in an ASUS ESC 4000 G3 server PC. (See https://www.asus.com/us/Commercial-Servers-Workstations/ESC4000_G3/). As we have only one system, we either need to do both tests in the same place, or pull fibers.

CO2 Cooling

A lot of what we do depends on where we do test 2. If we do it in the clean room, then we need a blow system for the CO2. If we do it in the vacuum lab, then we need to pull a lot of optical fibers. To take this decision, we need to understand:

  • when is the blow system available? how often do we need to change bottles? is bottled CO2 dry and clean enough? is a blow system with cryogenic CO2 an option?
  • is the standard CO2 cooler reliable enough?

Information for cooling and test location decision:

  • Ground plan N025 & H026: N025&H026
  • List of pros and cons (dutch): List

Schedule / action list

Things that we can prepare before the decision on the location of test 2:

  • finish the vacuum tank (Q4 2016)
  • collect LV and HV units, 19 inch rack (Q4 2016)
  • configure the PC for LV and HV controls (Q1 2017? does this make sense if we do not have a module yet?)
  • prepare DAQ system (Q1 2017)

Recent presentations in module-0 meeting

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