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This pages gives an overview of the theses produced in the Nikhef LHCb group. (ATLAS list)

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PhD theses

Name Year Title Thesis
Lennaert Bel 2018 CP violation in open-charmed beauty decays (pdf)
Jacco de Vries 2018 Asymmetries in mixed beauty decays (pdf)
Vasileios Syropoulos 2017 Controlling Penguins : an estimate of penguin topologies contributing to the weak phase phi s (pdf)
Panos Tsopelas 2016 A silicon pixel detector for LHcB (pdf)
Pieter David 2016 Search for exotic long-lived particles with the LHCb detector (pdf)
Jeroen van Leerdam 2016 Measurement of CP violation in mixing and decay of strange beauty mesons (pdf)
Siim Tolk 2016 Discovery of rare B decays (pdf)
Rose Koopman 2015 Ageing of the LHCb Outer Tracker & b-hadron production and decay at (sqrt)s = 7 TeV (pdf)
Kristof de Bruyn 2015 Searching for Penguin footprints : Towards high precision CP violation measurements in the B meson systems (pdf)
Roel Aaij 2015 Triggering on CP violation. Real-time selection and reconstruction of Bs -> J/psi phi decays (pdf)
Veerle Heijne 2014 Search for long-lived exotic particles at LHCb (pdf)
Chaira Farinelli 2014 Performance of the LHCb Vertex Locator and Flavour Tagging Studies for the Measurement of the CKM Angle gamma (pdf)
Serena Oggero 2013 Beauty in the crowd: Commissioning of the LHCb Pile-Up detector and first evidence of Bs0 -> mu+ mu- (pdf)
Alexandr Kozlinskiy 2013 Outer Tracker calibration and open charm production cross section measurement at LHCb (pdf)
Daan van Eijk 2012 Ageing and the decay of beauty: Radiation hardness of the LHCb outer tracker and time-dependent CP violation using Bs->J/PsiPhi decay (pdf)
Barbara Storaci 2012 First determination of the fragmentation fraction ratio of fs/fd with tree level hadronic decays at 7 TeV pp collisions (pdf)
Fabian Jansen 2011 Unfolding single-particle efficiencies and the Outer Tracker of the LHCb (pdf)
Jan Amoraal 2011 Alignment with Kalman filter fitted tracks and reconstruction of Bs->J/PsiPhi decays (pdf)
Corijn Snippe 2011 Design and optimization of vertex detector foils by superplastic forming (pdf)
Tristan du Pree 2010 Search for a strange phase in beautiful oscillations (pdf)
Eduard Simioni 2010 New physics from rare beauty (pdf)
Gabriel Ybeles Smit 2010 Asymmetries in the decay of beauty (pdf)
Edwin Bos 2010 Reconstruction of charged particles in the LHCb experiment (pdf)
Aras Papadelis 2009 Characterisation and commissioning of the LHCb VELO detector (pdf)
Hella Snoek 2009 Suppressed charmed B decays (pdf)
Peter Vankov 2008 Study of the B-meson lifetime and the performance of the outer tracker at LHCb (pdf)
Jacopo Nardulli 2007 Reconstruction of two-body B decays in LHCb (pdf)
Max Baak 2007 Measurement of CKM-angle gamma with charmed B0 meson decays (pdf)
Bart Hommels 2006 The tracker in the trigger of LHCb (pdf)

Master theses

Name Year Title Thesis Supervisor
Valeriia Lukashenko 2019 Long lived heavy neutrinos in W ? ? ? jet decays (pdf) Wouter Hulsbergen
Jordy Butter 2018 Branching fraction measurement of B0 -> Ds+ pi- (pdf) Niels Tuning
Marinda Tervoert 2018 First observation of the decay Lb0 -> Ds- p (pdf) Niels Tuning
Mick Mulder 2015 Measuring the decay B0 -> Ds pi+ with sensitivity for the b-->u quark transition (pdf) Niels Tuning
Elise Löbker 2015 Search for long-lived exotic particles decaying to muon pairs (pdf) Wouter Hulsbergen
Lennaert Bel 2014 Measurement of the branching fractions of B0s -> DsK±, B0s -> Dspi+ and B0 -> DsK+ (pdf) Niels Tuning
Jesse Mesman 2013 Branching fraction measurement of the B0s->D0KS decay (pdf) Wouter Hulsbergen
Jacco de Vries 2013 First observation of the decay Bc+ -> B0s pi+ (pdf) Niels Tuning
Suzanne Klaver 2013 A Search for Long-lived Neutralinos in LHCb (pdf) Wouter Hulsbergen
Isha Savani 2012 Angular Observables of B0->K*0 mu+ mu- from Quantum Field Theoretical Methods (pdf) Jeroen van Leerdam, Marcel Merk, Piet Mulders
Akshay Katre 2011 Pions Misidentified as Muons in the LHCb Detector (pdf) Thomas Bauer
Roel Aaij 2010 Cosmics in the LHCb Outer tracker (pdf) Thomas Bauer
Erwin Visser 2010 Preventing, monitoring and curing the ageing in the LHCb Outer Tracker (pdf) Niels Tuning
Mathieu Blom 2009 Ageing of the LHCb outer tracker (pdf) Niels Tuning
Ivan Mous 2008 Ageing in the LHCb outer tracker (pdf) Niels Tuning
Loek Hooft van Huisduijnen 2008 Proper Time Resolution Model for Bs0->J/psi phi in the LHCb Experiment (pdf) Tristan du Pree, Gerhard Raven
Thijs Versloot 2007 Angled Tracks through the LHCb Velo Silicon Sensors (pdf) Eddy Jans, Aras Papadelis
Anne Keune 2007 Pattern recognition Comparison: Generic vs Standard (pdf) Tjeerd Ketel
Shirit Cohen 2007 Sensitivity studies for the CKM matrix parameter gamma+phi_s at LHCb (pdf) Marcel Merk
Jan Amoraal 2005 Panning for the Golden Decay B0s->J/PsiPhi at LHCb (pdf) Marcel Merk

Bachelor projects

Name Year Title Thesis Supervisor
Maarten Buffing 2009 Outgassing of glue in the Outer Tracker of LHCb; measurements with a quadrupole mass spectrometer (pdf) Tjeerd Ketel
Koen Oussoren 2008 Sensitivity Study for Bs Mixing Parameter DeltaGamma and the CP-violation Parameter gamma at LHCb (pdf) Marcel Merk
Roel Aaij 2007 Mixing in the Bs-Bsbar system (pdf) Thomas Bauer, Marcel Merk
Aras Papadelis 2004 Analogue cross-talk measurements with 55Fe on the LHCb Outer Tracker (pdf) Niels Tuning
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