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This is the LHCb Wiki test page

<math>\frac{{\rm d}^3N}{{\rm d}p^2_t{\rm d}\phi{\rm d}y} = \frac{{\rm d}^2N}{2\pi{\rm d}p^2_t{\rm d}y} [1 + 2\sum_n{v_n {\rm cos}(n(\phi - \Psi_R))}]</math>

A further analysis focuses on an exclusive <math>b</math>-decay mode, namely <math>B_d \rightarrow J/\psi K_S^0</math>, which is one of a number of decays that are interesting for studies of CP violation in the B system.

In the Standard Model <math>B^0_d-\overline{B^0_d}</math> mixing is a direct consequence of second order weak interactions. Starting with a <math>B^0_d</math> meson produced at time <math>t</math>=0, the probability, <math>{\mathcal P}</math>, to observe a <math>\overline{B^0_d}</math> decaying at the proper time <math>t</math> can be written, neglecting effects from <math>\mathcal{CP}</math> violation: <math>{\mathcal P}(B^0_d\rightarrow \overline{B^0_d})~= ~\frac{\Gamma_d}{2} e^{- \Gamma_{d} t} [\cosh (\frac{\Delta \Gamma_d}{2} t)~+~\cos (\Delta m_d t) ]</math>. Here <math>\Gamma_d~=~\frac{\Gamma_d^H~+~\Gamma_d^L}{2}</math>, <math>\Delta \Gamma_d~=~\Gamma_d^H -\Gamma_d^L</math>, and <math>\Delta m_d~=~m^H_d~-~m^L_d</math>, where <math>H</math> and <math>L</math> denote respectively the heavy and light physical states.

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