Setting up Ganga for use at Nikhef

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Setup the correct environment

Only use slc5 machines if you want to use Dirac, parret is now also slc5.

Dirac needs server certificates to work. They are installed, but 2 environment variables must be set to point Dirac to where they are. This is done for you in a simple script prepared by Gerhard.

  • Put the following into your login script:
source /project/bfys/lhcb/sw/
  • Remove any other sourcing of LbLogin scripts from your startup scripts and from private scripts to setup the LHCb software.
  • The setup script must be sourced in your startup script if you want to run LHCb software jobs on stoomboot.

Run only the first time you ever use Ganga

Generate a default configuration file

SetupProject Ganga
ganga -g

Edit ${HOME}/.gangarc and make the following changes:

  • Look for [PBS] , uncomment submit_res_pattern and change it into:
submit_res_pattern = ^(?P<id>\d*)\.allier\.nikhef\.nl
  • Look for [DIRAC], change AllowedPlatforms:
AllowedPlatforms = ['slc4_ia32_gcc34', 'x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt']

Run once for every new ganga version

Setting up the user directory

SetupProject Ganga --build-env

To start Ganga:

In a fresh shell

SetupProject Ganga

--Raaij 12:17, 30 Mar 2010 (CEST)

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