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Vacuum (twiki, EDMS)

  • change status to ready for beam to ECS after interventions by the CERN vacuum group (watch for date in run meeting; be available for monitoring while Didier takes the actions; make sure to go through 'evacuate' after Didier is ready)
  • maintain SmsVacTool script and start it in Neon periods (running on vedcs02)
  • check APDP in Neon periods (velo_user_panel)
  • answer questions of and perform discussions with the CERN vacuum group about the new vacuum control system (Rodrigo Ferreira, Giuseppe Bregliozzi, Paulo Gomes, Henrik Vestergard)

Motion (twiki, EDMS

  • put detectors in place before/after Neon periods (see e.g. elog before, elog after)
  • perform potmeter calibration: WinCC-panel, data-analysis, upload results to motion-PLC if needed (once a year! see manual and last elog)
  • discussions with CERN PH-DT group on the new motion control system (Giovanna Lehmann, Xavier Pons and Sylvain Ravat; link to meeting)

Cooling (twiki, EDMS)

  • be able to put CO2-pumps under gas for pump maintenance (see EDMS manuals, one for each pump)
  • theory and practice: sub-cooling on input of pump, control PLC-screen, make and interprete trend plots, superheated CO2 (CO2 not cooking), preheaters, SMS tool
  • if after restart, superheated CO2 (some coockie temperatures larger than normal by >=2 degrees), start preheating procedure (wikielog)
  • special plots for TL-pump (monitor TL_Diffp_plus in trending tree of velo_user_panel)
  • check long-term behaviour of system (best: sensor NTC temperatures; simplest: coockie temperatures) , e.g. to reduce risks of thermal runaway (if cooling becomes worse we probably loose pressure due to clogged filters; watch pt104 and pt003 in vecool)
  • maintain alarm levels in the alert system (velo_user_panel)
  • be standby 365, 24/7 to react when system switches to backup, or if anything else goes wrong
  • maintain telephone numbers in PLC sms tool
  • lend assistance to Seicar for chiller maintaince, on our initiative, every year, when not under Neon. (see elog) Seicar contact goes via Olivier Crespo ( ) from CERN cooling group.
  • put system in correct state before/after Neon (setpoints, interlocks, see elog)
  • keep track of TinyTags data and dry air flow (check that air is dry)
  • order spare parts (pumps, filters) and coordinate maintenance and repair (Bart van Donk at LEWA)

Common vacuuum/motion/cooling

  • participate in VELO run meeting on Tuesday morning
  • check UPS systems and maintain spares (visual inspection once a year in racks downstairs; small: motion cooling; big: vacuum; spares in detector lab bought in LS1; check that leds are burning; web interface)
  • maintain email lists of UPS systems (?)
  • check VMC system after yearly AUG and diesel tests (make sure to read run meeting minutes; if restarts required, do vacuum system first)
  • update interlock settings before/after Neon period (see elog)
  • take care of storage in Bld 169
  • maintain manuals pages in VELO-twiki and EDMS documents
  • take care of dosimeter reading for dosimeters stored in Velo office

Velo upgrade

  • co-coordination of WP5: keep track of anything that relates to modules such as sensors, readout, data tapes, markers, LV- and HV-cables, components (substrates, hybrids, ...)
  • participate in module-0 meeting on Tuesday
  • take care of wafer and glass parts in clean room storage at Nikhef

Actions 2017

  • Jan: refurbishment of TR pump; needs LEWA parts + Erno
  • Feb 27: AUG test
  • Apr 24: Beam-pipe pump down (monitor vacuum and cooling; put detector in correct position afterwards)
  • After Apr 24: Chiller maintenance