Proxy file handling in gLExec

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gLExec uses four environment variables for various reasons. This section is intended to explain what they do in a pragmatic way so that you should be able to work with them.

The environment variables of interest are:



gLExec needs a (proxy) certificate as input to know who to authorize and to which account you must be mapped. The mapping and authorization decision will be based primarily on this file.


  • Contains a file path from the root to the file. Note: "/dir/subdir/../subdir2/proxy" is allowed.
  • Must contain a public and private key pair in this one file.
  • Must be readable by the user account calling gLExec
  • Variable must be accessible by gLExec to read.
    • Typically that means to export it into the current shell.
  • Must be set before calling gLExec.

Troubleshooting hints

When this environment variable is not available or when the given path is not readable by gLExec the following error messages will occur in the gLExec log indicating a problem with gLExec's input, in particular the absence of a usable GLEXEC_CLIENT_CERT:

glexec[10301]: LCAS authorization request
glexec[10301]: lcas.mod-lcas_run_va(): Cannot find certificate chain in pem string(failure)
glexec[10301]: lcas.mod-lcas_run_va(): failed