LCMAPS Tracking GroupID plugin

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Tracking Group IDs are added to batch jobs to be able to track them regardless if they escape the process tree.

Batch systems that use this feature are:

  • Sun Grid Engine (SGE, now known as the Oracle Grid Engine)
  • Condor-C batch system

Other batch systems are known to have the feature, but it doesn't seem to be used in (known) Grid deployments:

  • LSF
  • Torque/PBS

Why do we need this plugin?

Processes are nested. They are always spawned from another process. The root is the init process.

Here is an example process tree:

      │   ├─bash
      │   │   └─1337.stro.n /var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/jobs/
      │   │       └─jobwrapper /opt/lcg/libexec/jobwrapper ./
      │   │           └─CREAM31337_ -l ./
      │   │               └─perl -e...
      │   │                   ├─perl -e...