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This page is intended to keep track of the Nikhef contributors to the Higgs Subgroup 2 (HSG2) at CERN: Usefull things as AMA tags and or samples used will be listed here for future reference.

Links to relevant twiki websites:


November 2009 it was decided that the SM EW group and the HSG2 should apply the following Common Selections for their analyses: (http://indico.cern.ch/getFile.py/access?contribId=0&resId=0&materialId=slides&confId=65225)

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// COMMON SELECTION /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  1. Preselection:
  - Loose electrons (Author = 1 || 3), pT>5 GeV, |eta|<2.47
  - Staco Muons:
     Combined+LowPt with pT>5 GeV, |eta|<2.5
     and Standalone with pT>5 GeV for 2.5<|eta|<2.7
  2. Kinematics:
  - Electrons: two Loose electrons with pT>20 GeV, others Medium
  - at least 4 leptons with pT>5 GeV
  3. Lepton pairing:
  - at least 2 (l+,l-) pairs (same flavor, opposite sign)
  Loop over all 4l-combinations:
  4.) DeltaR_ll > 0.1 between each two leptons
  5.) Loose isolation: [Sum ET(DR=0.3)]/pT<0.5
  6.) Loose Z-mass cuts:
     - m12=(70 to 110)GeV\
     - m34>20 GeV for ZZ*, m34=(70 to 110)GeV for ZZ

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ADDITIONAL HSG2 SPECIFIC CUTS TO BE APPLIED ON TOP OF THAT //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  8.) Tighter pT-cut on leptons, each lepton pT>7 GeV
  Up to here, all 4l-combinations are looped over.
  After this, the best 4l-combination can be selected.
  9.) Select the best 4l-combination:
  m12=min(m_l1l2, mZ); m34=max(m_l3l4)
  10.) Tighter Z-cuts
  Depending on mH, same cuts as for CSC note.
  11.) Tighter lepton isolation
  - [Sum ET(DR=0.3)]/pT<0.33 for muons,
    [Sum ET(DR=0.3)]/pT<0.44 for electrons
  12.) No track isolation for the moment.
  13.) No IP cut for the moment.
  14.) Mass window cut, same as for CSC.

The H4l baseline analysis twiki mentions the relevant samples to be:

sample name        Dataset number
 H->4l                 105300
 ZZ->4l                109292
 ttbar->4l             109341
 bb(z->ee)+0p          109400
          +1p          109401
 bb(z->mm)+0p          109405
          +1p          109406
 Z->ee (inclusive)     106050
 Z->mumu (inclusive)   106051

To search for AODs of these samples on the Grid, do for example:

dq2-ls "mc*105300*AOD*"

To narrow it down a bit only look for 'merge' and containers '/':

dq2-ls "mc*105300*merge*AOD*/"