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Basic instructions for building the o2 framework

Install AliPhysics and O2 following the official instructions

  • If applicable, ask CT to install the prerequisites for CentOS 7 (when asking them, also ask that they install the parallel package, see the section on Run3Analysisvalidation)
  • Follow the instructions of the "I don't have root permissions" section
  • Also add the line export ALIBUILD_WORK_DIR="$HOME/alice/sw" to your .bashrc
  • The lines added to your .bashrc assume that you install O2 and AliPhysics in $HOME/alice/, change these lines accordingly if necessary
  • Build the software
  *   The section “Source code and recipes” can be skipped when building for the first time, but it is useful to read for the future (updating installations)
  *   You might miss some packages that are not on the list of packages that “have to be built as they could not be found from the system” – do not despair, as long as you are not missing a lot of packages not on that list, and you do not miss Python or Python-modules you are probably fine

Setup your remote fork and connect it with your local package following the instructions at [1]

Install Run3Analysisvalidation following the instructions of the readme

  • note that the parallel package is not by default installed on NIKHEF desktops, and you (most likely) do not have root privileges to install the software yourself.

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