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This is the main page of Jos Vermaseren, also know under the computer name t68.

t68 is a user name in a style that was invented in the 60's or 70's at the Zeeman laboratory. I came to Nikhef in 1981 and got this user name. It was never changed.

My research focusses on the phenomenology of particle physics and the methodology of calculating results for this phenomenology. The most important outgrowth of this is the FORM symbolic manipulation system. Several important calculations are the result of this. Most notoriously the 4-loop QCD beta function and the three loop corrections to deep inelastic scattering.

Current research is focussed on further development of FORM, the combination of FORM with the GRACE system and after that the use of the programs for some state of the art calculations that are needed for the LHC (and possibly the ILC).

Currently all important information can be found at

Information about FORM and other packages is to be found at
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