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Globus Online dCache

Use the following command to prepare your credentials, using VOMS:

1. Create a proxy and VOMS credentials (assuming your credentials to be in .globus and a known vomses file):

voms-proxy-init -voms dteam

2. Push the proxy certificate with VOMS credentials to the MyProxy store, remember the passphrase you use:

myproxy-init --username <your username> -s --certfile /tmp/x509up_u501 --keyfile /tmp/x509up_u501

3. Go to and sign up or sign in. 4. Navigate to Start Transfer 5. Select an endpoint, for example sara#SARA-MATRIX 6. Fill in the MyProxy Server hostname, username and passphrase. Make sure these values match the hostname, username and passphrase information from step 2.

7. The first thing you see is an error message Directory Contents Not Found ==> ignore the message.